Friday, February 25, 2011


Both of these drawings were Christmas presents for relatives, and both are 8x10 Prismacolor renderings. This first one didn't turn out that great, because I didn't have a great photo to start with. First off, it was just a small file downloaded from Facebook, so when enlarged to see detail, it was very pixelated and hard to make out. Also, the lighting wasn't ideal for a portrait. The shadows were very dark, and the highlights were very white. I actually softened both for more of a middle ground, but again, it was hard to see any detail under those conditions!

With this second drawing I was much more pleased! This is the youngest child of the above couple. The photo I had to work with was excellent, showing a lot of detail, good color, and good lighting. The background hills and field were not in the original picture, but this is the view from their home so it seemed appropriate. This boy turned out great!