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A collection of some assignments from my college classes, years ago. Mostly a record for myself, but feel free to look around. It is loosely categorized by medium for the most part; figure drawings are on a separate page. (the spacing on this page is killing me, seriously.)


1999 Oil on canvas, 24x36"

Oil on canvas, 2000, approx. 24x36"

oil on illustration board, Faith and Science, 2000 "14x16"

oil, self portrait, 1997 11x14"

oil 1997 14x20" (I hate this painting)

 Approx 18x38" Oil on illustration board 1999

Acrylic on illustration board, 1998,  approx. 14x20"

oil on illustration board 1998, 14x16"

oil on illustration board, 1999, 16x20"

oil on panel, 2000, 48x24"

Oil on Panel, 2000, 48x24"

Oil on panel, 2000, 48x24"

oil on canvas 1999, approx. 12x36"

oil on illustration board, 1999, 11x14

oil on illustration board, 1998 14x16"

oil on canvas, 1998, 11x14"

1998 experimental oil. 11x14"

oil on canvas, 1999 11x14"

oil on canvas 1999, 11x14

oil on paper, 1999 11x14"

Printmaking (Lithograph, Intaglio, Silk Screen, etc.)

"Trying to be" ,intaglio print, 1997, 5x7"

"Trying to be just who?", intaglio, 1997 5x7"

Lithograph (bad copy), 1997, 8x10"

Silk Screen, 2000, 11x14"

wood cut, 2000, approx. 6x14"

intaglio, 1997, approx. 4x10" (I love this print)

woodcut, 2000, approx. 7x 16"

Xerox transfer print, 2000, each 5x7"

Xerox transfer print, 2000 3x7" (I hate this one)

lithograph, 1997, 5x7" unique print

lithograph, 1997, 5x7" unique print

lithograph, 1997, 5x7"

Charcoal, Pen, Pencil (black and white mediums)

charcoal on toned paper, 1998, 11x14"

(slightly out of focus photo) Charcoal-24x36"'-1997

pencil on toned paper, 1998 8.5x11"
pencil on toned paper, 1998, 8.5x11"

Charcoal and pencil 24x48" 1999

Colored paper, spray paint, Xerox copies, pen. 24x36" -1997
(love this!)

 Pen and Ink on Illustration board 18"x18" 1997

1996 pencil

1996 pencil

1996 pencil

1996 pencil

1997 paper and pen symmetry

1997 paper and pen, asymmetrical design

pencil, 1996, 16x20"

ink applied with fingertip, 1996 11x14"

pencil on paper 1996. 8.5x14"

charcoal on paper 11x14"

Colored Pencil, Pastel and Oil Pastel

pastel, 1998, 24x36" (hate the wheels, but love the colors!)

pastel, 2000 approx. 5x11"

prismacolor and pastel on black paper, 1999, 16x20"
(Midsummer Night's Dream)

oil pastel 1998, approx. 14x16"

pastel on paper, 1998 11x14"

pastel on paper, 1998 14x16"

pastel and charcoal on paper, Taming of the Shrew, 1998
16x14" (Featured in "Midsummer Magazine")


Ceramic, 1999 14x16 x3" (Harvest of Souls)

3x5" Sculpie yin-yang sculpture 1997

second view of yin-yang sculpture 1997

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