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Some works from high school, roughly 1993-1996. Includes graphite, prismacolor, watercolor, pen, oil pastels, etc. I wanted to be a fantasy artist at the time, so many works reflect that theme. There is a lot to scroll through, so it is categorized by medium.
  •  Prismacolor Pencil

1995 prismacolor landscape with pastel 8.5x12"

1995 prismacolor still life, 10x12"
1995 prismacolor illustration of The Sound of Silence, 10x16"

1995 prismacolor illustration, borrowing from National Geographic.
I got a scholarship with this one. 10x12"

1995, prismacolor pencil, self portrait 8x10"

  •  Oil pastel and miscellaneous

1993 Dragon

1993 paper collage 20x 24"
1994 Climber

1994 pastel, 10x10" I won Best of Show at a western art contest with this one.

1994 oil pastel sky-scape 16x20"

1995 oil pastel remake of fantasy sky-scape 16x20"

  • Watercolor and pastel

Tree girl 1993

1993 watercolor of fantasy world, 13x17"

1993 watercolor wizard, 13x17"

1994 watercolor dragons, 16x20"
1994 watercolor of my turtle and a tree, 8.5x14"

1994 watercolor boy in fantasy world, 16x20"

1994 watercolor and pastel, rock climbing 16x20"

1994 watercolor and pastel, detail of girl with storm clouds

1994, watercolor of girl with sword 16x20"

1995 watercolor on silk, 14x14"

1994 watercolor self-portrait 11x14"

1995 watercolor on paper, 16x16"
 Black and White works
1993 Dain

1994 alien1

1994 alien 2

1994 animal compilation

1994 chair study

1993 Dori

dragon bones 1994

Etruscan Bob 1994

Kiera, 1994

negative space study 1994 (I can't believe the student teacher
wrote on my artwork!)

1994 room study

1993, ink with pointilism. 10x12"

1993 graphite self-portrait with background
borrowed from Mark Harrison drawing. 12x16"

1994 Graphite self portrait with sister. 11x14"

1994 Graphite drawing, 13x17"


 1994 self portrait, india ink and white wash 11x14"

1995 Graphite self portrait. 14x16"

14x16" Graphite, Old Rock Church in Parowan, UT 1996

1996 pen and ink, 8.5x14" portrait of my English class

  • Sculpture

1994 clay masks

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