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These are all sketches I did on the backs of worksheets and handouts when I was in high school, college, or at various meetings. I am displaying them from most recent, back to the oldest done in high school, and a few from middle school. I cringe at some of the anatomy problems or perspective issues, but they were drawn just for fun. Sometimes the drawings were saved because I wanted to use the idea later, other times I liked how one part turned out, like someone's hair or clothing. One thing I did learn when getting these out to scan them: tape really does destroy paper. Some of these have some obvious damage from the masking tape or scotch tape affixed to the back.
It's always interesting to see how the drawing quality changes a bit by year, and how the subject matter changes-from fantasy, to religion, to day to day.
Most of these drawings are the approximate size of a paper folded in half, so about 8.5x5.5". Some of the later dated ones often were experimenting with backgrounds made of scrapbook paper.
Family in Fall 2007

Sesquahenna River, 2004 (4x3.5")

Church meeting, 2004 (4x3.5")

Protective Angel 2003

Seattle Arboretum, 2003

I love how her pants fall. 2003

by Montlake, WA yacht club. 2003

Whidbey Island ferry, with Seattle LDS Institute Choir. 2003

Scott, an employee who acted younger than he was. 2003

protective angel 2002

Fourth of July 2002

pencil drawing too. Notice real events are drawn much better than those fabricated.
Conversation 2, 2002

okay, this is a copy of a pencil drawing. Conversation1, 2002

Marriage, 2002

prayer, 2002

wedding dress, 2002

random sketches 2002

Bainbridge Island, WA, 2002

coworkers portrayed as Charlie's Angels, 2003

angel 2003

church 2001

family 2001

Garden of Gethsemane, 2001

photocopy of a pencil drawing commission, "Lead Kindly Light", 2001

lighthouse 2001

evening conversation with a friend, 2000

Brother 2000

girl 1, 2000

girl 2, 2000

girl 3, 2000

Clear Creek Ranch, 2000 (8x10)
window, 2000

hiding 2000

that metaphore about your life events being in file drawers, 2000

mermaids, 2000

orange sky stationary, 2000

family 2000

Fanciful tree, 2000

Yeah, I hate that hand. but the robes are nice. 2000

Spotlight 1999

Elijah calls down fire, 1999

couple 1999

vampires, 1999

Zion NP, West Rim trail, 1999

dancers, 1999

yes, this donkey is half rabbit...or is listening very carefully to something.
Christmas 1999
flowers, 1999


couple 1999

mummy unwrapped 1999

sky and rock wall, 1999

autumn walk 1999

introspective 1998

Fence and couple, 1998

Mediteranian world, 1998

King Noah and Gideon, 1998

there's some of that tape damage I mentioned. Forest 1998

Mothers Day 1999

sketches I saved from notebooks, 1998

Walls of Jericho, 1998

swamps of sadness 1998



Christmas 1998

Istanbul, 1998

couple 1997

falling, 1997 (with sky stationary)

Germany, 1997

Female Mercenaries, 1997

Halloween 1997

This was after I saw some weird play, I don't remember it's name. Dark of the Moon,maybe?

siblings, 1997

The Greenshow, 1996
Desert 1996

Fishing 1996

halfling 1996

playground dragon, 1996

St. Patricks Day 1996
A place we visited for an art contest, redrawn from memory.1995
1995 Future family
yeah, it looks like he's licking that weapon. Sorry. 1995
I've always liked the composition of this one. Dragon 1995
Halloween 1995
Elf and girls, 1995
Arab, 1995
perspective 1995
Wizard 1994
wyvern, 1994
skeletons 1994
Christmas 1994
Werewolf on the bridge, 1994

dungeon cell, 1994

Knights 1994
All seeing eye 1994

Adventure 1994
flying 1994
 angel 1994

book 1994

centaur 1994

dungeon 1994

wizard 1994

sword 1994

dragon claw 1993

dragons 1993

1993 flying girls

1992 sketch fragment2

1992 sketch fragment

family 1991

family 2, 1991

family 3, 1991






1986 one of the oldest drawings I have!


  1. Looking at these was such a delight! :)

  2. thanks sarah! It was fun remembering things as I scanned them all..though it took forever!

  3. All I can say is wow. I've seen lots of your drawings, through your blog, but seeing you share this gift over and over again is just stunning. Wow. :)