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A collection of old artwork that I wanted to have a record of somewhere. Feel free to look around; these were works I did in middle school , between 1989-1993. At the time, I aspired to be an illustrator for fantasy novels.

1991 Copy of a book illustration, pencil

10x12" lino cut on shiny paper, 1992

10x12" woodcut on shiny gold paper 1992

self portrait with friend; 16x20",  Dream Warriors1992

13x17 pencil drawing1992

16x20" pencil self portrait with dragon, 1992

13x17" pencil for Fantasy art contest 1992

planning sketch for Fantasy World 13x17", 1992, including self portrait

Fantasy World 13x17", 1993
 (the number is a remnant from the art contest where this was drawn.)

1992 Dreamscape, pencil 16x20"

Self portrait with dragon 2, pencil 16x20"

1992 colored pencil 13x17"

16x20" watercolor 1992

16x20" ink and tempura painting 1992

1993 time travelers

1993 timetravelers2

1994 battle

1994 Geometry

1994 battle 2


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