Sunday, April 9, 2017

Recent personal works 2017

I've only completed two works for myself this year so far, but they were both time intensive and fun.
The first was this Prismacolor drawing, 11x14, on Strathmore tan toned paper. My camera blew out the oranges a little bit, but this photo is mostly true to the original. I worked hard to make this drawing more painterly and complete than my usual commissioned drawings. I love the contrast of the blue curtains with all the warm tones in the figure.

 Here are two detail photos of the drawing, though the face close up was taken before the drawing was complete. I wish the freckles were more visible in the final version.

I love how bright and luminescent the shirt is, and I especially love the colors in the hands. Again, the orange is a little exaggerated by my camera.

My second work was drawn in Copic and Prismacolor marker on white sketchbook paper, 11x14.
Not everything turned out as I wanted, but for the most part it turned out good.

The large flower isn't perfect, but I love the intricate details of the stems and leaves around it.

  Here is a close-up of the figure.

A few recent works part 2

Here is another set of commissioned portraits I completed this last year. These kids are all cousins or siblings in the same family. They are all 8x10 on Strathmore tan toned paper. These all turned out great, and I think the photos turned out well too, as they were taken in the summer and the light was perfect.

This last portrait was the first drawing I did of this girl, but the parents wanted a different photo so the one above was the second attempt, which I actually like much better. Also, the photo of the art is more accurate.

A few recent works.

I did several commissioned children's portraits over this last year, all of which are 8x10 and rendered in prismacolor pencil on Strathmore tan toned paper. I will post them in groups according to the job. These were a group of 15 portraits, consisting of three portraits each of five children. There are actually sixteen total, because I didn't like one of the portraits and chose to draw a different photo.

Each group of three represents the same subject, just with different lighting and expressions.


 B. This is the one that I drew a fourth portrait. The one I like least is the last one in the group.

 C. I like all three of these, though they're very different.

C. I love the first two of these especially.


 D. The first one here is the best.