Tuesday, May 22, 2012

8 month old boy

This is a recent drawing of my son, in Prismacolor Pencil, approximately 5x7. The photo isn't crooked; it's just the drawing isn't perfectly rectangular. 
This reproduction doesn't have the same luminosity and smooth feel as the original, but you get the idea.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bainbridge Island, marker

11x14 Prismacolor and Copic marker and ink. Also a little white Prismacolor pencil in the clouds.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

college portraits and figures

A record of some portraits and figure drawings I drew in college, from 1996 to 1999, in various mediums.

1996 fingerprints in ink, self portrait

1996 graphite drawing

1997 prismacolor pencil, figure with glasses 20x24"

I love this vague figure drawing; I wish I'd done more like this.
1997 oil painting 16x20"

1999 prismacolor 11x14"

1999 prismacolor 8.5x14"

1999 prismacolor 11x14"

1999 prismacolor and pastel 11x14"
1999 graphite, 11x14"

1998 oil on paper 11x 16"

I have to say, I really don't like this one. Plus, it got smeared where it was being stored.

1998 pastel on paper, 16x20"

1997 graphite, 16x20"

1997 oil self portrait 16x20"

This is one of my favorites.

1998 charcoal on paper 16x20"

1998 oil on canvas panel 16x20"
1998 oil on canvas panel 16x20"

1998 pastel and prismacolor on paper 20x24"

1998 prismacolor on paper 20x24"

Saturday, May 12, 2012

college paintings

 These are some paintings from my college days that I wanted to document somewhere. These were for a painting class and an illustration class where I was experimenting with different painting styles, about 1998-99.

illustration of a story I wrote in high school oil on illustration board, 16x20"

oil painting of a magazine collage, to learn color mixing, oil on canvas 12x14"

Spilled paint technique, oil on canvas 12x14"

 I love the blurry background figures, oil on illustration board 16x20"

Halloween, oil on illustration board, 11x14"

Illustration for a short story I wrote in college 12x14"

self portrait 1998, oil on canvas panel

Throw back to my early high school subject matter! Acrylic? on illustration board

Mr. Bean, oil on illustration board, 16x20"

In the tree on a rainy day. Acrylic on illustration board 14x16"

oil on canvas 20x30", too bad I never got a very good photo of it.

Friday, May 11, 2012

college illustrations

 A record of some works from college illustration classes. Some of them I like, others make me cringe!

1998 oil pastel, Wrapped Around My Finger. 16x20"

 I was thinking of Brian Froud's work when I did this one, though it's not nearly as entertaining or lovely as his paintings.

1999 prismacolor on paper, Midsummer Night's Dream 18x24"

Yeah, I know her chest is a little...much. But it was the teacher's idea. And her head is a wee bit small. This was published in Midsummer Magazine for the Utah Shakespearean Festival.

1998, pastel and charcoal on paper, Taming of the Shrew, 16x24"

 This was for an article about science and religion working together.

1999 oil on illustration board 14x20"

Thursday, May 10, 2012

watercolor rocks

This is a small (5x7) watercolor and pen sketch, from a photograph taken in Moab, Utah. THe rock was really fun to do, but the person could use more work. Still, I like the colors!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Still life and Pastels

These are some college works in pastels and prismacolor. I really liked everything we worked on in this class; I wish I could find the rest of them! Most of these are from around 1998; the last was drawn in 2000.

1998 prismacolor still life 11x14"

1998 prismacolor still life version 2, 11x14"

1998 pastel still life, 20x24"

I love the colors in this drawing so much, but I cringe at the drawing on the wheels.
1998 pastel scene 20x24"
 A very nineties abstract.
1998 pastel abstract 16x20"

This was plein air on Cedar Mountain in Utah.

2000 pastel landscape 8x11"

Basic Drawing and Design

These were some drawings from my 101 basic drawing and 2D design classes in college of which I wanted to keep a record. Just some simple stuff in graphite, mostly.

1996 graphite still life 16x20"
1996 graphite still life blanket 16x20"

1996 still life contour drawing and shading practice 11 x 14"

1996 still life contour drawing 14 x 14"

1996 graphite drawing, interior 20x24"
1997 Paper collage, symetrical balance 11x14"

1997 paper collage, symetrical balance 11x14"