Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Watercolor is definitely not my forte! I love watercolors by other artists and am always impressed by them, probably because I don't have that much skill in this category yet!
Maybe once a year, I'll try to do a small one, and occasionally I'll like it. These all scanned lighter than life, and measure approximately 5x7 ".

I love how the cat and grass turned out here.

I like watercolor with pen; this was one of my most recent attempts. It turned out okay, except for the black lipstick look on the man!

In the photo reference, the people were very backlit and dark. I wasn't sure how to render the skin to reflect that lighting, and I wasn't patient enough to figure it out and try again!

This is very recent. The grass looks better than I've done in the past, but this still turned out very heavy-handed.

I love the left-hand half of this painting, how it is fresh and light. If I were to frame this, I would consider cropping the right half off completely.

This is from a cruise I went on in 2003. Eh.

This would have turned out better if I'd have spent more time on it. I didn't even bother to sign this one.

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  1. My favorite one is of the girl in the field! It reminds me of an illustration I'd see on a book cover!