Monday, August 20, 2012

some college prints

I've recently been trying to record all of my artwork from college and earlier, showing it here on my art blog. Some of the older stuff can be found on separate pages through the page links to the right. I will put some of my favorites on this main page.
These are all fine art prints, including lithograph, intaglio, silk screen, lino-cut, etc. from 1997.

1997, intaglio Trying to be" 5x7"

1997, intaglio, Trying to be just who 5x7"

1997 intaglio 3x7"

1997, lithograph In the shade of winter 5x7"

1998 intaglio It hides behind stars and under hills 8x10"

1997 silkscreen print 8x10"

1997 silkscreen photo transfer, each 5x7"

1997 linoleum print 10x15"

1997 linoleum print, That she might see 6x14"

1997 photo transfer intaglio And then there was me 2.5x6"

1997 intaglio with tissue paper 5x7"

1997 intaglio with tissue paper 5x7"

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