Monday, October 1, 2012

Marker illustrations

These were some recent drawings I did for a friend, to illustrate some of their personal family stories. Both are done with Prismacolor and Copic marker, with some details done in Prismacolor pencil, and are 11x14".
The first (my favorite) depicts the kids of the family back in the sixties. They used to visit a petshop where they'd tap the glass on the fish tank for fun, even though there was a sign saying not to tap it.There was also a Mina bird in the shop that would always "talk" to them as they came in.

The second shows the family cat, who disapeared during a tornado, but reappeared months later. The family story goes that the cat must have been visiting OZ with Dorothy. I like my general layout on this drawing, but wish I would have planned some things better, like the placement of the tree in front of the cat. Also, the apples were a last minute thing that could have been planned better...I hate the one on the far left!
I do love the sky though.

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