Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pencil on toned paper illustrations.

I completely forgot to post these when I finished them. The fall one was begun a year ago (2014); I intended to finish it more completely but when I rediscovered it this fall I couldn't remember what I had planned on doing. So, I just left it as is. It is 11x14 Prismacolor pencil on toned paper.

11x14 Prismacolor on toned paper 2014

The second drawing was completed early this spring, and depicts two sisters. It is also 11x14, Prismacolor pencil on toned paper. I love how it turned out! My camera depicts the yellows a little more glaring than the original artwork is, and some of the subtle color change is lost, but you get the idea.

11x14 Prismacolor on toned paper, 2016

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