Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oil Paintings

My senior show in college included these large oil paintings. They really are large too, the length is at least four feet on each one. These three are a series of symbolic self portraits, for which I used a photo of myself as a child, as a college age student, and a photo of my grandmother for the final piece. I'll let you decide what they mean.
One skill I never quite perfected was the art of taking slides of my work. These are all from photos converted from slides, and they don't show detail well. (Plus, some of them aren't very straight.)

This first one had some purple mist swirling around the girl's legs, which doesn't show up here.

This next piece was the first one completed, and definitely the best in the group...probably because I spent the most time on it. The black on the left side isn't part of the painting, I just didn't have the painting perfectly aligned with the camera so the shot included some of the frame behind it.

The photo of this painting is slightly blurry, unlike the painting itself.

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