Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Archives-more old drawings

I recently came across more of my old artwork; I am going to show it in  a few posts before I tuck it away into the appropriate archive.   All measurements are approximate, as I don't have the artwork with me to check proportions right now.

This first one was a blatant copy of a book illustration, but I was quite proud of it, as I was only 12 when I drew it. The others are all drawings/paintings completed in college.

approx. 11x14 pencil on illustration board, 1991

A portrait of my sister superimposed over Great Temple of Amun, Karnak.
At the time, I didn't realize how very large the real location was, (the figure should be much smaller)
 but I still like this drawing.

For this assignment, we used photocopies of fish, butterflies and flies to create machines. I went the Star Wars route, with AT-AT like fish with butterfly wing feet, and warriors flying on...flies.
 I've always loved the post-apocalyptic feel of this piece.

Colored paper, spray paint, Xerox copies, pen. 24x36" -1997

This assignment involved drawing a real piece of fruit in an abstract way.
 Everything in this drawing came from observing a naval orange.
 Of course, I didn't realize the other ways it might be interpreted,
until the teacher commented with delight on all the phallic symbolism.
 Pen and Ink on Illustration board 18"x18" 1997

This assignment was about putting something where it doesn't belong,
but it still looks like it belongs. It is a gothic guy in an Egyptian tomb.
I always loved the idea of this drawing. I'm sad that the finishing
glaze I applied left permanent streaks across the painting though.

 Approx 18x38" Oil on illustration board 1999

This was the black and white study for the self-portrait painting I did in 1999. In some ways, I like this drawing better than the final painting, "Precariously Perched". Sadly, this drawing wasn't stored very well, and it had t be thrown away because of too much damage.

Charcoal and pencil 24x48" 1999

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  1. I've seen these...yeah I think I would only come to like the second section of the pillar in that one drawing...