Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Archives-oil paintings

Here are some of my old oil paintings from college and a year or so afterwards.

I love the idea of this painting. So much. This is an oil painting of some future post-apocalyptic world, where ancient ruins dot the landscape but the pollution is all you really see. The fairies in the foreground were, I figured, a product of radiation.

24x36" oil 1999

The following is a self portrait, with the background being a scene I witnessed up the mountain from my home. I was experimenting with painting more loosely; much of the paint was applied with a palatte knife.

oil 18x24" 2001

This painting is from a photo I took on a mountain, facing back toward the town where I grew up. The light was shining on the cliffs beautifully, while all the trees in the foreground were in shadow. I don't particularly like the bare tree in the foreground, but I do like the sky and cliffs.

oil on canvas 24x36" 2001

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